I help creative entrepreneurs design and launch profitable online courses.   

I'm an online course designer, sales page designer and all around business strategist. I help people share their unique knowledge with the world and grow scalable income by launching online courses. 

I used to be the marketing director for an educational magazine and also spent time as a middle school english teacher before making the leap to full-time business owner in 2019. 

Hey there! I'm Mara

Let's be real...creating and launching an online course is a ton of work. You'll have to create your curriculum, film all of the lessons and design all of worksheets and resources to go along with your lessons.

Oh and don't forget...you also need to design and write a sales page that's attractive to your target market, strategically designed to convert scrollers into buyers. 

Then there's still setting up checkout, connecting payment portals, scheduling welcome emails, tagging students, creating a launch strategy, designing a sales funnel ...and the list goes on and on...

and wasting time Trying to figure it
all out on their own. 

I see too many people getting stuck on their dreams

You don't have to do this alone

About me....

Habits and happiness. I'm currently working on a 2022 Happiness project where each month I pick a different area of my life to focus on like sleep, health, etc...


My two border collies Harrison and Artemis who love to pop on zoom meetings. 

Interrupted by

I was born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska but moved to Florida in my early twenties. A lot of people said I would miss the snow but I haven't yet...


Night Owl


Morning Bird

Iced Coffee


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Make a guess.  I love . . .

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