I'm Mara Kucirek (you know the girl with a last name that is slightly impossible to pronounce).

I design websites for creative people. 

Hello There!

About Me:

I recently fell in love with ice-cream sandwiches. Seriously where have they been all my life?

I'm super dog obsessed and have been known to change directions just to meet a dog. 

About Me:

I have two border collies - Harrison Ford + Artemis

About Me:

I started designing websites in college to help pay for tuition. 

About Me:

My story

I took the most boring corporate marketing job after college. 

I thought that was what you were supposed to do in life. Get the stable, safe corporate job, stay for 40 years, and that was your life or at least that's what everyone kept telling me, but as I sat at my desk from 8 to 5 everyday I couldn't shake this feeling that there was more out there for me. 

So I started an Etsy shop and got thrown into the amazing world of online business. 

My story

I started designing witty posters and selling them online, but soon I had other online business owners asking me to help them with marketing and building websites.

I thrived on working with creative entrepreneurs, but I kept hustling at the corporate job. I just couldn't shake this stupid thought that you had to always have the safe, stable day job. 

I felt like I wasn't good enough to go full-time in my business. I thought I would have to be in my late 30's to ever start my own business...oh past mara...you were so full of doubt!

My story

This is the part in the story where we are going to have to fast forward through a lot of self discovery and a lot of learning to challenge my old beliefs before I finally learned:

To just do what I love and ruthlessly chase down my dreams. 

Which meant finally taking the terrifying leap of leaving full-time employment and...

The world didn't end.  Despite my fears and uncertainty life has never been better and now I have a thriving, profitable business that challenges and supports me everyday. 

Your dreams are worth it. Don't ever forget that. 

My Timeline

where I've been


Graduated college & got my big girl job


Adopted the cutest little border collie - named him Harrison Ford


Married my husband and we decided to move across the country


Got my very first client when a friend asked me "but really how do you do all this marketing stuff?"


Landed a swanky new marketing job at a magazine. I thought this was my dream job. 


Started getting more clients through word of mouth. Started to realize that maybe corporate life wasn't for me


Really starting to feel unsure about corporate life but everyone kept telling me this is what I'm supposed to want. 


Running my business full-time and working with amazing clients