Custom Web Design

How would your life and business change if you had a new website?

Imagine a totally custom web design process - where every single part of your website reflects who you are.

That's what I'm here to help you out with. 


What if your website truly reflected who
 you are

Finally get your website on brand and be a place you are proud of

Implement brand strategy into every area of your website

Build a highly custom website that reflects the creative entrepreneur that you are

Build a website support system including helping you with email marketing and social media 

i help you:

I want in 

This package takes the website you already have and makes it better

Help! I need a better site



Custom website built on Show It

Mobile Friendly & Responsive Design

Blog Set-Up 

Utilizes your current branding to create a website you love


Investment starts at $1200 for a four page website. Contact me for a custom quote

Help! I need a better site

This package includes a complete rebrand of your business

I need a complete makeover


Custom website built on Show It

Mobile Friendly & Responsive Design

Blog Set-Up 

Rebrand of your business including logo, colors, fonts, and more


Investment starts at $2000 for a four page website. Contact me for a custom quote. 

Having more time to work on your business because you're not stressing about your website

Just imagine...

Having someone to help walk you through setting up online systems that will run your business smoother: email marketing, branding, and invoicing 

Having a custom website that doesn't look like a template or stock website

Having a website with crystal clarity on what you're offering and how it'll help people. 

To learn more about designing a website with me or to see if we are a good fit I start with a short questionnaire and discovery call. 

This allow me to get to know you and your goals. During the discovery call we talk about what the website of your dreams looks like, how you want people to interact with your site and exactly what the design process looks like! 

If you think we're a good match and this website building thing is a go then I go a little teacher on you and send you some homework - like a lot of homework because I want to know the ins and outs of your business, brand and who you are! 

Getting to know each other

BRANDING: Once I've gotten to know you and your brand I'll present you with 2-3 design concepts. It's like a choose your own adventure for where you want to go! Each design concept will be tailored to your personality and brand, but having 3 gives you options and different ways to see how it might all come together. 

*If you don't already have existing branding this is where we will nail down your brand guidelines. If you have branding you adore we will revisit it and see if there is anything that you want to change. 

Up-Level your brand

The Process

BUILDING & REVISIONS: Once we have clarity on who you are and what your brand reflects I get busy building! I build out each page one by one and work with you for revisions. 

We don't move on until you're happy.

Diving into work


LET THE WORLD KNOW: When we have your website finalized (after revisions and a lot, a lot of testing) it's time to let the world know about your new home online! I'll help you launch your new site by providing social media graphics to announce your new site to the world! 

BACK-UP & SUPPORT: You get 2 weeks of free support after your website goes live to iron out any kinks or changes you need! This allows you to launch your site stress free and focus on running your business! 

Q & A

How Long does the process take?

It really depends on how many pages you need on your website, but typically 5 - 8 weeks. 

This includes a full rebrand of your business (if needed), and a custom website built out with revisions

Do you require a deposit? 

I only take on 1-2 websites at a time due to the highly custom nature and level of detail of my website designs. To honor my time and yours I require a 25% deposit to hold your spot on my calendar and 25% after homework is completed and we start designing. 

What do I need to have ready before we start?

There are two things I really recommend keeping in mind as we work through this process: branding photos of you and website copy. I'm not a photographer and can't help much with branding photos other than providing a shot list and ideas. Some people choose to write their own copy with support from me, others hire a copywriter. It's up to you!


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