My fav tools

I always want to know what tools people are using in there business. I've been known to stalk people's email campaigns to try to figure out exactly how their system works. 

Maybe it's a little creepy? But I just love learning more about online business.

Here are the tools and resources I use in my own business to keep things running smoothly. 

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Download this free ShowIt template to up level your website. 

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Free Website Template

Free Website Template

A free guide to help you create the perfect email list opt-in. 

You need a brand.  This guide will help you create the perfect brand.

Free Website Template

My Favorite Tools

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This is the website builder I use to build all of my websites. After years of dealing with wordpress coding/HTML Show it is a life saver!

Email lists are so important these days! I've tired nearly every single email marketing platform there is and Convert Kit is by far my favorite! 

I use Dubsado for client forms and invoices. I love that I can easily keep all of my client documents in one place. 

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