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A Week In My Life: A Behind The Scenes Look At Business, Pregnancy, Health and More!

Mara Kucirek

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Want to take a peek behind the curtains to see what it’s like running a business full-time? This week I’m taking you along and walking you through day by day of exactly what a typical week looks like for me. 

I personally love listening to behind-the-scenes episodes like this. I think it’s so interesting to hear exactly how other people are spending their time. 

On this episode you’ll hear me talk about my morning routine, what my client work looks like, some of the goals I’m working on in my business and how I’m currently preparing for maternity leave.

My hope for this episode is that you find it interesting and maybe have a few takeaways and tips that you can steal and apply to your own business.

Episode Highlights:

  • The new morning routine I’ve implemented and how it’s working for me
  • Working at coffee shops and the library to maximize productivity
  • How I juggle client work with my own business operations
  • The different types of things I do each week for my one-on-one clients
  • Recording guest podcast interviews 
  • Planning my week and organizing the tasks I need to get done.

Want a quick overview of everything I talk about in this episode? Here’s the day by day breakdown of my week with all of the links to things I talk about:


  • How I plan out my week
  • My usual Sunday routine
  • Blocking my phone so I don’t get distracted in the mornings
  • The simple new morning routine I’ve been using and why it’s so effective
  • My journaling process
  • My favorite planner: The Full Focus Planner

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  • What time I start working each day
  • How I protect my time and limit meetings on Mondays and Fridays
  • Setting up client launch emails
  • My coffee shop and library routine to build in extra focus during the week
  • Learning new things in my business (this week I was working through Dolly DeLong’s Email Marketing Summit!) 
  • My social media routine and why I’ve been prioritizing Instagram lately


  • How to avoid task switching
  • Working on client sales pages and funnels
  • Updating and revamping client email opt-ins (to prepare for upcoming launches)
  • My current workout routine while pregnant
  • My favorite yoga videos: Pregnancy and Postpartum TV


  • Podcast interview with Carolyn O’Brien
  • How I plan podcast interviews and write SEO optimized blog posts
  • How to have virtual coffee chats with other business owners and network
  • Working on client website updates


  • Updating client email sequences to prepare for upcoming launches
  • Client check-in meetings and how I plan big projects with clients
  • Setting up a client webinar and how I support and help the webinar process


  • Why I take on a lighter workload on Fridays
  • Exactly how I plan my week and why I start so early
  • My bullet journal system for organizing all of my business tasks and personal to-do’s 
  • Meeting with my Doula and how we’re preparing for birth
  • Homemade Pizza Dough Recipe


  • Sneaking in a bit of work early on Saturday morning
  • What a typical work looks like and how I balance friends, work and family

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