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The Best Canva Social Media Templates in 2024 (My Honest Review of Your Template Club!)

Despite running a successful six-figure business for the past FOUR years, I never quite found the time or inspiration to consistently post on Instagram. Are you surprised to hear that? In fact, in my 2023 year in review, I shared how I even had a potential client wonder if I was still in business because of my lack of social media presence. I knew I needed to start showing up more often and that was when I discovered “Your Template Club” Canva social media templates.

For those of you who don’t know, “Your Template Club” is a subscription service (monthly, quarterly, or annually), offering Canva social media templates. Basically you join the club and receive access to thousands of customizable Canva templates that you can use on your own social media accounts.

These templates have been a game-changer for my online presence so much so that I decided to write a full post sharing more about how exactly these templates work and if they are worth the cost.

Don’t want to read the full post and just want to see what the templates are like? Your Template Club offers 10 free Canva templates that you can snag right here.

I have to be honest with you, since incorporating these templates into my social media strategy, my engagement and growth have skyrocketed. But what’s even more rewarding is hearing directly from clients who tell me they chose to work with me because they love the FUN and authenticity of my Instagram content. In this blog post, I’m excited to share why I firmly believe that ‘Your Template Club‘ offers the best Canva social media templates out there. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

Is ‘Your Template Club‘ Worth It?

I’m guessing you already know I’m going to say yes, but if you’re wondering if you should just use all the free templates already inside of Canva, just know that I felt the SAME way before investing. I value running a lean business and wasn’t sure they would be worth the investment. But the truth is, I used to spend WAY too much time overthinking which template I should use. More than once I would hop on Canva to find something to post, only to waste time and not post anything at all!

They Deliver Easy Canva Social Media Templates That Are Always On Trend!

With just a click of a button, these templates are seamlessly added into your Canva account (seriously – what did we all do before Canva?!), allowing you to customize them right away. Now, when inspiration strikes or I need to create a post on the fly, I can simply select a template and have a beautifully designed post ready in a matter of minutes. Gone are the days of spending hours crafting visuals from scratch and I’m actually able to post more often without the stress of trying to find the perfect template.

On top of that, what sets ‘Your Template Club‘ apart, in my opinion, is the fact that they always are creating templates to be on trend. The reality is that in 2024, you have to constantly post high-quality, super-engaging content – AND jump on Instagram’s newest features early! Using Your Template Club templates means that as a busy business owner, I can remove “keeping up with the latest social media trends” from my to do list (while still reaping the rewards of hopping on a fun trend!).

Keeping Content Fresh While Using Templates

Not only do these templates save me precious time, but they also keep my content fresh and engaging for my audience. Unlike most Canva social media templates that are designed to be more “evergreen”, I personally can’t get enough of their monthly content packs that provide a clear roadmap of what to post throughout the month. I love that my feed always feels branded and fun, without reusing the same templates over and over and over again. It’s literally like having a social media strategist and graphic designer in my corner, at a fraction of the price.

To top it off, they host fun batching parties where you can connect with fellow members on Zoom and plan your content for the month ahead. I’ve found immense value in this community element, making the task of getting my social media content sorted for the entire month an enjoyable and collaborative experience. It’s nice to not feel like we are all “working alone” all the time.

What I Don’t Like About Your Template Club

I’m obviously a fan, but in the interest of an honest review of ‘Your Template Club‘, the only aspect that might give me pause is the price. Admittedly, I initially hesitated because I thought I could just continue to source templates for free on Canva. However, that decision ended up costing me valuable time as I endlessly scrolled through the sea of templates, trying to find the perfect ones. I ended up posting a LOT less, which means that I can only imagine how much potential business I lost because I wasn’t active.

If you’re considering signing up for ‘Your Template Club‘, they do offer flexible payment options, allowing you to choose between monthly, quarterly, or yearly subscriptions. While it is an investment, the time and effort saved, as well as the quality of the templates provided in attracting your ideal clients, make it a worthwhile choice for those serious about streamlining their social media content creation. And that’s coming from someone who really does value running a lean business!

Also you can cancel at any point! I originally signed up for 3 months and then paused my subscription while I was on maternity leave. The cancellation process is literally two clicks of a button so there’s no pressure to stay if you don’t need long term support with your social media.

Your Template Club Pricing

So how much do these social media templates cost?

Your Template Club has 3 different pricing tiers:

  • Monthly: $62
  • Quarterly: $197
  • Yearly: $670

Personally, I pay quarterly and I do think the cost is worth what you get. Hiring a social media manager to create all of the assets that Your Template Club gives you would cost at least triple the monthly cost. For me this is the most affordable way to cut down on planning and scheduling content, without spending a lot of money.

Want to try out Your Template Club social media templates for free?!

You’re in luck! They have 10 free social media templates for you to try before you buy. I have to be honest with you – I started with these before committing to my own subscription. While clearly, I decided it was worth the investment, these were a great test to myself to see if I would actually use the templates or if they would just sit forever in my to do list. I ended up using them right away (and actually kind of having fun doing it?) and have been a loyal customer ever since! If you want to see these templates in action, make sure to come find me over on Instagram!

PS: Want to peek around at more things I recommend (both free and paid!)? Head here next for my favorite guides, software, and course creation tools that have made my life and growing a 6 figure business a lot easier!

PSS: I currently use Metricool (on the free plan) to schedule my social posts and I love it. I’ve tried other scheduling software in the past and Metricool works the best for me and has the most generous free plan.

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