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June 2023 Biz + Life Review: Pregnancy, Batching and Wrapping up Projects!

Hey friends, 

I’m back for another monthly review!

In this post I’ll cover:

  • What I accomplished in June
  • How my goals went 
  • How much my business earned
  • My goals for next month
  • Thoughts about what I’m feeling, loving and working on right now

My Goals for June That I Set Last Month

1. Finish mapping out a big project I’m working on closer to the end of the year

This is done and….that big project I was talking about was prepping and preparing for maternity leave. I’m currently 7 months pregnant and preparing to take some time off starting in September for all things baby. 

I have a podcast episode coming out at the beginning of August all about pregnancy and planning a maternity leave. You can also see my “official announcement” on Instagram here.

In June I wanted to finish creating plans with all of my clients for how the work I usually do would be handled, as well as outlining the tasks in my own business that I’ll be batching ahead of time or taking a pause on. I have a super detailed document that lists out everything I want to do before baby is here with actions broken down week by week. 

2. Batch record 10 new solo podcast episodes 

Done! I kicked my husband out of the house multiple Fridays last month so that I would have complete silence for recording. One of my big goals for maternity leave is to have all podcast episodes recorded through the end of the year before I go out of office. I haven’t recorded everything that I need to, but I put a huge dent in it last month.  

3. Schedule podcast interviews through the end of the year

Done! I completed several interviews in June and I scheduled the rest of the interviews that I want to complete for August and September.

My podcast is a mix of interviews and solo episodes. I’m leaning a little more heavily on solo episodes in the second half of the year because they are easier to record. I can have messy hair, be makeup free and record at any time of day, where guest episodes usually mean I have to be a little more presentable.

4.  Spend at least 1 hour cleaning up misc website items 

Done! I updated the navigation bar on my website and cleaned up several of my services pages because I’m currently not taking on new one-on-one clients until 2024. If you’re interested in working together on an online course you can join my waitlist and I’ll let you know as soon as my availability opens up. 

5. Block off 4 two hour chunks of time to focus on my ThriveCart Template shop 

Failed. This is the first thing on the list that didn’t happen in June. I did spend about an hour and a half working on my upcoming ThriveCart template shop but it was really hard to find time to focus on this in June with all of the client projects I’m in the middle of. 

6. Continue Yoga 3x a week

Completed! I’ve kept up with doing yoga at least 3x a week, sometimes more. It’s been super helpful to all of the weird hip and back pain you get during pregnancy. My current favorite yoga videos are from Pregnancy and Postpartum TV. I also really like Nourish Move Love’s workouts and advice.

7. Go swimming at least once

Done and it happened more than once! Swimming while pregnant is amazing and one of my favorite ways to relax. 

What Else Happened in June?

  • I started working my way through a Hypnobirthing course that helps you prepare for labor. If you’ve never heard of Hypnobirthing it’s not as weird as it sounds (and doesn’t involve actually hypnotizing yourself). It’s all about relaxation and pain management strategies to help you cope with birth. So far I’ve found the lessons really helpful and I do feel more prepared, but I’m only about halfway through the course so there’s still a lot to learn. 
  • I launched a brand new quiz to help you determine if ThriveCart Learn is the right online course software for your business. 
  • I started posting Reels more often on Instagram. I find social media super draining so pushing myself to be more visible has been a challenge.

Podcast Episodes I Released This Month:

How Much Money I Made This Month:

$7,535.24 – This is the lowest month of income for me so far this year. I had a lot fewer client launches and I’ve also been taking on less client work in general as my calendar is filled to the brim with maternity leave prep and baby-related things. 

One of the harder things for me about pregnancy has been how much time all the baby stuff eats up and I know that’s about to get even worse. My schedule has had a lot more interruptions these last few months, which limits my capacity.

My Goals for July:

1. Have a relaxing “Babymoon”

As cheesy as the term “babymoon” is we are going to go stay at a local resort in July and spend a few days relaxing and resting before baby is officially here. I’m so glad we scheduled this a couple of months ago because now that I’m in the third trimester having a few days to relax next to a pool and sleep in sounds amazing.

2. Keep working through the Hypnobirthing course

3. Avoid going to Walmart and Target

This one might seem weird but I noticed in June we spent a lot of extra money on household items and groceries at Walmart and Target. Those quick “I just need 2-3 things” trips really ended up adding up. It seems it’s impossible to ever walk out of Walmart or Target without spending $80 so this month we’re just avoiding going!

We obviously still need food and household items so we’re prioritizing relying on Aldi and Costco as well as being mindful of getting creative and using up stuff we already own.

4. Set up Black Friday sales and holiday sequences for clients

Since I’ll be headed out of office right around the time most people are preparing for Black Friday I’m setting everything up ahead of time so that it’s all ready to go in November. 

My Favorite Things in June:

  • Kodiak Oatmeal and Pancakes – basically anything by Kodiak has been a lifesaver this pregnancy as I’m trying to eat as much protein as possible
  • My yoga and birth ball – Since everyone says these are amazing for preparing for birth I finally got an exercise/birth ball. It’s been fantastic for sitting while I’m working or watching TV. I also use it to stretch out my back and hips.
  • Taskmaster – Which is a British show where participants are given a series of tasks to complete. It’s hilarious, interesting and super fun.

All of the Software and Tools I Use to Run My Business:

See you next month! 

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