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My Income Report for March 2024

Mara Kucirek

It’s time for another income report!

I share these income reports to give a behind-the-scenes look at how I run my online business as a flexible career that brings in over six-figures of income. 

I’m an online course designer and launch strategist. Most of the money in my business comes from working with small business owners and entrepreneurs to launch online courses.

In this post, I’ll cover:

  • What I accomplished last month
  • How much money my business made 
  • How many hours I worked 
  • My goals for this month
  • What tools and software I use to run my business

 How did my goals from last month go?

1. Focus on my ThriveCart Template Shop! – Sort of done.

Progress was made, but not as much as I wanted. I’m considering booking a work vacation where I find a local hotel to stay at to really zone in on this project. I’ve done this multiple times in the past and it really helped me make progress on my big picture goals.

2. Declutter – Done!

I cleaned out our master bedroom closet, packed away my pregnancy clothes, threw away things that I don’t like any more and made a list of clothes that I need to buy replacements for.

My baby also turned six months old so I spent time packing away our newborn items (like all the tiny bottles, clothes and swaddles).

3. Don’t take on any new clients – Done!

I’m currently on a waitlist for new client work and I stuck to that in March by not adding anything new onto my plate.

4. Morning journaling – Started off strong then fell off the wagon.

At the beginning of the month I had a great habit of spending a couple of minutes each morning journaling, but halfway through the month I honestly forgot this was a goal and stopped doing it. This is something I would like to get back into. When I journal in the mornings about my thoughts and my goals the entire day is so much more peaceful and productive.

5. Look at my vision for the year – Didn’t do it!

This one is still on my list! I did parts of this goal and spent some time thinking about my long term plans, but I never finished and this got pushed to the side with other work I had going on.

How was March Overall?

Good, chaotic and kind of busy. My parents came to visit which was wonderful. Having a built-in set of babysitters is so helpful. I got to go on my first date night with my husband in six months.

Finding the right balance between work and childcare is still challenging and something that is constantly in flux. Having a schedule has helped a lot and I’ve also been mindful of not adding too many new things to my plate.

March Income Total: $10,663.22

Client Work$8,654
Coaching Calls$750
Affiliate Income$1,349.22
Total Income:$10,663.22

You can read more about exactly how my business makes money and the different income streams I have here.

How Many Hours I Worked in March

In general I try to work a 40 hour work week. That’s not what everyone wants, but in my current season of life that’s what’s working. Sometimes I work more than 40 hours and sometimes I work less.

In March I logged 143 hours on my time tracker. That’s 35.6 hours a week.

Not all of that was client work or working for other people. That time includes writing blog posts (like this one), writing emails to my list, designing new Pinterest pins, responding to emails, creating social media posts and more!

My Goals for April:

I’m keeping my goals for April light. March felt really busy and I didn’t do that great of a job at most of the goals I set. Plus April and May are really big client launch months for me. 

1. Date night with my husband to talk about our long term plans

A huge thing that’s been on my mind lately is where we want to end up long term. I grew up in Omaha, Nebraska moved to Orlando, Florida for work 10 years ago and currently live in Tampa, but we have no idea if this is where we want to stay long term. 

In April I want to set aside some intentional time to talk through our big picture vision for life and what the next steps look like.

2. Work on my dog’s anxiety

Ok this one is weird. I have two border collies and one has severe anxiety. She’s afraid of nearly everything. We work with our vet, a trainer and a second vet that specializes in anxiety for dogs. We’ve made a lot of progress in the last 9 years (yep it’s been a long journey) but she still struggles with a lot of noise sensitivity. Coughing, sneezing and sighing all make her shake and hide so this month I want to focus on working through some of those big feelings and hopefully giving her some more relaxation. 

3. Create 2 new pins each week for Pinterest

I’ve been focusing more on Pinterest lately and one of the most helpful ways I’ve found to stay consistent is setting a goal to make at least two new pins each week.

By “2” pins I actually mean choosing 2 blog posts or podcast episodes and creating 5 to 10 different pins that will be scheduled out into Tailwind.

4. Make a birthday list of things I want to do in May for my birthday

My birthday is next month and one thing I’ve embraced lately is to be specific about what you want. Don’t make people guess. Making a list helps make the day better and it’s kind of fun to spend time thinking about what you want.

Most of my birthday lists usually include free things that are more of an act of service like:

  • Cleaning out our shower
  • Looking up a fun dessert recipe online and making it
  • Exploring someplace new

And that’s it! Those are all of the goals I’m setting this month. I’m trying to focus on setting myself up for success instead of creating an overwhelming list of things I should be doing. I have the tendency to feel like I’m never doing enough, never working hard enough so this month I’m going to give myself the grace of a short list.

All of the software and tools I’m currently using to run my business

Productivity and Goal-Setting Tools:

Social Media:

  • Your Template Club – Canva templates for Instagram and Facebook that you can easily customize 
  • ManyChat – For sending automated messages on Instagram and Facebook
  • Metricool – To schedule posts on Instagram and Facebook  
  • Tailwind – For scheduling Pinterest pins 
  • Canva – To create graphics
  • Ring Light – The ring light and tripod I use to film content


  • Riverside – Recording podcast episodes and interviews 
  • Libsyn – Where I host my podcast episodes 
  • Microphone – For recording podcasts, events and videos 
  • Calendly – To schedule guest interviews

Email Marketing:


Finance and Money:

*This post may contain affiliate links.