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May 2023 Biz + Life Review: Podcast Launching, Income Goals and Summer Plans

Mara Kucirek

Hey friends, 

I’m back for another monthly review!

In this post I’ll cover: 

  • What I accomplished in May
  • How my goals went 
  • How much my business earned
  • My goals for next month

My Goals for May That I Set Last Month

1. Celebrate my birthday

Completed! I took the day off and enjoyed a long morning massage, tacos and some much needed beach time. You can also read about the 31 lessons I’ve learned in the last 31 years here.

2. Launch my podcast!

DONE! Create a Better Course is officially live and out in the world! 

There are 4 brand new episodes you can listen to right now:

3. Send consistent emails to my list

Sort of done – I only missed one week this month.

4. Starting planning and prepping for an upcoming project that I can’t talk about just quite yet 

Done! Though in full transparency I went to write this recap post and realized I hadn’t done much on the project yet so I forced myself to go back and start mapping it out before I allowed myself to finish writing this post. 

5. Update my course software quiz
Done – you can take the updated version of my new quiz: Find Your Perfect Course Creation Software here.

This quiz helps walk you through the right online course software for your business! I’m super excited to have this updated and live because this is a question I get all the time in business.

What Else Happened in May?

  • I worked on a bunch of decluttering projects around the house – reorganizing our closet, getting rid of clothes that no longer fit, completely reorganizing the garage and cleaning out our tupperware cupboard.
  • We sold our second car and became a one car family! Over the last two years we rarely ever used our second car and it was starting to become an annoying chore to make sure it was driven at least once a month. No longer worrying about it has felt amazing and now there is so much more room in the garage!  
  • Batch recorded new podcast episodes. One of my goals this summer is to batch record as many episodes as possible so I can take more time off towards the end of the year.  
  • I cleaned out and reorganized my company Asana
  • I started a virtual distance walking challenge where I’m walking (virtually) across the Grand Canyon over the summer. This has been a great motivation to get in a longer walk each day.

How Much Money I Made This Month:

$9,272 – This was all primarily one-to-one client work with several client launches this month. If you’re curious about the income streams in business I recently recorded a podcast episode sharing exactly how my business makes money.

My Goals for June:

1. Finish mapping out a big project I’m working on closer to the end of the year – I’m not ready to spill the details yet but it involves a bunch of planning and prepping.

2. Batch record 10 new solo podcast episodes.

3. Schedule podcast interviews through the end of the year My podcast is a mix of solo and guest interviews. I’ve got a list of upcoming guest interviews I need to book in for recording.

4.  Spend at least 1 hour cleaning up misc website items – In online business your website is pretty much constantly going out of date and having things to break. I always have a long list of website fixes and this month I want to block off at least an hour to work through my list of updates. 

5. Block off 4 two hour chunks of time to focus on my Thrivecart Template shop – I might start going to a coffee shop once a week just to focus on my upcoming shop launch. This is one of my favorite goal setting tactics to actually make sure you get your project done. Pick a fun place to go and choose a time once a week that you are going to show up and work on that project.

6. Continue Yoga 3x a week – This was a habit I started in May and it’s been fantastic for my health and stress. I originally planned on joining an in person class but I find getting dressed, getting in the car, driving and going to an actual class to be overwhelming. Instead I set a goal to just choose three Youtube yoga videos to do. I can do them anytime through the week and if I’m really not feeling it I’ll just do a quick before bed sleep yoga routine.  

7. Go swimming at least once – We have a community neighborhood pool and I’ve implemented a summer rule to try to make it to the pool on Fridays each week.

Current list of software and tools I use to run my business:

See you next month!

*This post may contain affiliate links.